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This article describes CityMania client features. While vanila client town growing mechanics is the same it doesn't show any extra information.

Growth mechanics

Read this first: article on #openttdcoop about town growth

Normally town gets one house every GR days, but there are some cases when it doesn't. Learning how to avoid them can be useful for gaining slightly better growth speed. For each of these cases there is a separate counter in town gui that shows them in form firings_total(+firings_past_month). Nova tg counters.png There's also a 'town growth tiles' zone in zoning GUI that shows where exactly this happened (past and current month only).

  • House skip (HS). Happens when town builds road instead of house. It counts as growth and resets next counter. Obviously only happens when "allow towns to build roads" settings in on.
  • Cycle skip (CS). When random search for a place for new house encounters a dead end the town skips a day ('next' counter gets stuck at 1). Outlined orange on the tile where it leads to. The town will also skip a cycle when it reaches the limit while searching, which is visible as orange outline in the middle of the road. This can be avoided by having less loops in road layout.
  • House removal (HR). When the town builds a new house too far from centre (outside CB town border zone, which can also be found at zoning GUI) it gets removed by cb server. It doesn't apply to GS servers. It's outlined red on house place (not road).

Also while town gui counters do not count when town is not growing, the zoning outline continues to work even then.

'Town growth tiles' also outlines new houses with green border so it's useful to see where town grows and adjust road layout to control that. House replacement is outlined white if it was successful and light blue if it wasn't (house removed, without placing of a new house).

Outline color

  • Red:
  1. Outline on road: house skipped (HS).
  2. Outline not on road: removed by CB server (HR).
  • Orange: cycle skip (CS).
  • Green: new house.
  • White: house replaced succesfully.
  • Light blue:
  1. If town is not growing shows houses that could be built if it was.
  2. Unseccesfully replaced (removed) buildings.

Shortly put; red and orange outline shows flaws in road layout, while others are just for notification.

Random notes

  • GameScript house building command does up to 25 tries for every house. If they fail it is not counted as CS or HS, but they are visible in growth tiles zoning, so you may see a lot of highlighted tiles sometimes.
  • HR is CityMania-only feature. On any other server town growth area is not limited.



  • Fixed bug FS#6362 (Bulding house at the end of a road does not reset town growth counter).


  • Fixed bug FS#6320 (Drive through road stations block town growth)


  • Half-tile dead ends now cause CS instead of HS.
  • Nova HS.png
  • Extra roadbits and depots don't cause CS.
  • Nova tg cs depot.png
  • Bug FS#6320 Drive through road stations block town growth
  • Bug FS#6362 Bulding house at the end of a road does not reset town growth counter