Easy valuables gathering (trick)

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  1. Combine passengers (pax) trains with 2 mail cars and 2 valuables cars.
    1. Build stations in cities loading pax, mail and valuables
    2. Let trains load with 2 mail cars, 2 valuables cars, an engine and the rest pax. Even if there is no bank in town.
    3. Set orders to "Unload and leave empty", so that mail, pax and valuables are emptied on unload station (despite the unload station does not accept valuables/mail)
    4. Wait for cities without banks to grow >1200, then buy banks (1M each)
    5. Add a load station for valuables at the unload station
    6. Make the train all valuables, unload at the valuables accepting station
    7. The valuables train will now pickup the valuables from the unload station, and bring 'em to your bank
    8. Make sure to "Unload and leave empty". Otherwise, valuables train will pickup gold from your bank. The unload station won;t accept that gold, so eventually the valuables train gets filled up with gold from your bank, and be completely ineffective.