Quest:Cat's and dog's cake

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Level 10: Cats and Dogs cake

  • Transport 100,000 units of each cargo on ECS server

This must be the hardest quest out there. A couple of things are very important here:

  1. You dont need a high income, preferred is a small moneyline for some funding. One coal/oil line should be enough
  2. Remember that when playing this quest on temperate placing water well is problematic. It requires placement on the highest hill possible. This means to start terraforming early if playing this on temperate. After about 2-3 hours terraform can be complete and water produces enough to finish the quest in time - best to terraform the highest corner, as corners will eat less of terraforming limit
  3. Fertilizer will be your biggest issue. Make sure to have enough farms and fruit plantations to drop your produced fertilizer
  4. Dyes is another hard cargo to drop
  5. Fish is tricky. They hardly go up in production, only after a certain period of time. Getting fish early on is a must for this quest
  6. Vehicles have the most difficult chain. Do not underestimate them. Also good place to drop dyes
  7. Don't forget to grow towns, not only can tourists and mail be easily forgotten, you will need big towns to supply enough of them
  8. Don't go crazy with long lines, keep everything as close as possible. Spending your time here is most important, and because it's purely cargo AMOUNT, don't try to get crazy income

Example Save Cat's and dog's cake