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Level 10: Entanglement

  • Build max number of each vehicle type while having profit on all
  1. setup a money line to support further enterprises
  2. trains - shorter routes and short trains are fully ok. If you have lot of money, you can fund groups of coal and transport it on shorter routes with 6 tiles trains for example
  3. road vehicles - pick some good paying cargo, like coal/oil. On ECS you can populate one mine with 50+ road vehicles to get profit on 100 tile route. Busses are not good choice. Use them only from beggining to grow towns.
  4. ships - oil or passengers are ok. Hovercraft can have easy profit if you get a dock with many passenfgers
  5. planes - the hardest one due to max airport limitation. You can have only 6 airports/heliports for 100 planes/choppers. Helicopters are a little easier. Use them on longer routes between big cities. At the end, when you probably will only miss profit on planes. You can use a trick - when planes gets a profit, send it to hangar.


  • Not much to say about this one. Not hard but perhaps a lot of work. You will eventually need to grow some across-map towns to make sure to be able to feed your airports.
  • As for aircraft dependant on the situation, choose the slowest possible one that has some capacity to make profit.
  • As for ships: Use a short water route for coal/lumber and fund some industries.
  • Once vehicle gets profit, it is the running cost that drowns it down. If you get the vehicle into depot before it goes red, you can preserver the profit. But only for current year. This is suitable for planes.

Example Save Entanglement