Quest:Flying in Space

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Level 8: Flying in Space

Get a total income of 100 million GBP out of aerial transport

  • You can have 6 airports max
  • Use only Darwin 300
  • Corner to corner Airports can handle without jams
    • Large airport - 15 planes
    • Huge airport - 20 planes
    • International airport - 30 planes

This quest is well doable in 25 game years. To speed things up you can use the followings:

  1. Grow towns asap, preferably 1 town in each corner
  2. Fund buildings inside towns to speed up growth
  3. Use hq as a dropoff point well placed in a far corner, if you dont have a decent dropoff point
  4. Enlarge airports as soon as towns are growing. Check the needed noise level fo airport and the maximum for a certain town