Quest:Our Benefactors

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Level 10: Our benefactors

  • Reach an annual turnover of 200 million GBP

This quest has a few options.

  1. Go with 4 2way's corner-to-corner coals with 75 trains per 2way. Both server 1 and 2 are optional, server 2 ECS can make it faster
  2. Go with 3-4 2way's corner-to-corner lumber in tropics. Each 2way should contain 75-100 trains (preferred double engine renfe 252)


  • Because tropics dont always spawn the best maps consider in advance if you are able to place corner to corner lumber mills. If not finish this quest on server 2
  • If this quest seems impossible, remember this: An income of 300 mil/year has been reached multiple times on ECS server 2 by doing 4x corner-to-corner 2way coal.

Example Save Our Benefactors