Quest:Questionable Ethics

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Level 6: Questionable Ethics

Crash 100 of your airplanes

Crashing aircracft can be done in some ways:

  • Land big aircraft on small airports with some chance of crashing
  • Land big aircraft on big airports with very low chance of crashing
  • Have aircraft in the air with no orders and no airports to go to the hangar

To do this quest fast do the following:

  1. Make a decent moneyline
  2. Put 2 airports in opposite map corners, Small one will do
  3. Make in airport A 25 slow aircraft (the cheapest ones) and give them order to go to airport B. Leave them in hangar
  4. Make in airport B 25 slow aircraft and give them order to go to airport A.
  5. Release all aircraft by giving them the green flag in the total aircraft summary screen
  6. Wait for all aircraft to leave both airports and then demolish both airports
  7. Make sure there are no other your airports
  8. Wait for the orders to become invalid or delete the orders yourself. The aircraft will just fall out of the sky after few minutes
  9. Repeat once