Quest:Unforeseen Consequences

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Level 10: Unforseen Consequences

  • Double annual turnover for 10 years in a row with min. 200k GBP in first year

Usable is tropic with lumber and perhaps ECS with coal.

  1. Get initial money line
  2. start building lumber mill 2ways, you will need 2, but perhaps 3. You wil need minimal income 100M GBP at the end
  3. What incomes you will need are:
    1. Year 1 - 200k
    2. Year 2 - 400k
    3. Year 3 - 800k
    4. Year 4 - 1.6M
    5. Year 5 - 3.2M
    6. Year 6 - 6.4M
    7. Year 7 - 12.8M
    8. Year 8 - 25.6M
    9. Year 9 - 51.2M
    10. Year 10 - 102.4M
  4. Build unloading train stations like this - 6 lines for trains, and 7th line road stop as ABABABAB, where A is part of trainstation and B is unloading truck station. Both A and B needs to unload at Factory
  5. When you are prepared, set all lumber trains to transfer and leave empty in the unloading station and have all lumber trucks in depot
  6. Let trains circle, they will unload lumber in stations, but do not get income, now launch a few vehicles to reach first year income. Try to be very accurate, as every pound over limit will be multiplied heavily in the end
  7. Do this every year, get income only with vehicles - they get lower income, so you can tune it precisely
  8. In year 9, you will probably need use train to do real unloading, do it carefully thought
  9. In last year set all trains to unload and leave empty and unleash all lumber trucks


  • You need to double your last year income, so Every extra pound in first year will be 1000 pounds in last year. A 1k will make extra 1M

Example Save Unforeseen Consequences