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Level 10: Welcome to Black Mesa

  • Transport 1 Million tourists, 500k goods and 100k food on ECS server 2

Enjoy, this quest could be crowned as the most fun quest. However it's a pretty complicated and hard one What is important here:

  1. Grow towns fast. Big towns spawn big tourist buildings that can give upto 300 tourists/month. You want hotels, especially Pribaltiskaya
  2. Start placing all types of tourists centers. In temperate you can get 7 types, in tropic all 8 types, but tropic is harder, because of towns require food and water to grow
  3. Start connecting all tourists centers with each other. Tourists centers need to be fully supplied and can produce up to 1k tourists/month each
  4. Start food and goods production and supply the tourists centers with it
  5. Start delivering some food and goods to towns in order to reach this part of the quest (the tourists centers don't need that much food/goods )
  6. Give checks to all cities every 5 minutes and hunt down all the tourist producing buildings. 1 million tourists is 3,3k/month. This is A LOT! You will need all tourists available


Pribaltiskaya spawns only twice on map without restrictions and in towns over 4k. Any next one needs to be near water.

ECS tourists centres


Example Save Welcome to Black Mesa