Alternating stations (trick)

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This trick is a great way to transport resources very short distance without taking any space in a city. A great way to deal with pax, mail and goods (and a lot more things if you play ECS CB).

What you need to do is make a road that is 10 tiles long and then you need two station. And you have to variate them each tile. To illustrate you have station A and station B, on the road it would be A B A B A B A B, creating an 8 tile long bus/truck station. The reason why we place them like this is that time spent travelling is bad, we want the vehicle to reach its destination as quick as possible. And the reason why we use the max length of the station is to be able to have max number of vehicles in them (which is around 33) and we want to maximize our range. In the end, it will look like this:

Ab station.png

Now, in order for the truck/bus not go out all over the city, we use the arrows to make sure the vehicle stay put. And you can make three of these lines with the same station without interfering with city growth. Remember to make the order list correct, in the example above, one only need to add the two station to the list. But on goods for example, it might be important to make sure one station is "load/no unloading" and the second "unload/no loading".