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What is City Builder?

City Builder is a game mode with goal of reaching the biggest town by supplying resources to it.

What is game script?

OpenTTD game script ( is layer of squirrel programming language providing AI and goals to game.

Anybody can write its own AI or game script and offer it to the OpenTTD community, for example via game content service called Bananas

City Builder game script

Citymania runs on its server(s) the Simple City Builder scripts written by The Dude. You can recognize this type of server by GS CB title at the Citymania website header.

The Simple City Builder script enables players to claim town and to grow claimed towns by supplying needed resources, which town needs to grow.

Only claimed towns can be grown. Cities cannot be claimed and are growing by themselves normally.

Claiming a Town

Town is claimed simply by placing a company Headquaters near a town.

There are several conditions to be met

  • town's population has to be lower than certain amount, usually 250 inhabitants
  • town had to be unclaimed
  • headquaters has to be placed near the town
  • town need not to be a city
  • town has to be further away from another claimed town

When all this is met, a town is claimed and it now requires cargo to be delivered to is can grow.

Growing your town

Claimed town requires cargos that can be set by the game script.

Town checks each month if the sufficient cargo supply was delivered and it either grows or not.

Cargo amount needed depends on town population and some cargos can be required after certain population level is reached.

When set for individual cargos, town has also its storage, where cargos are stored for next month. Each stored cargo can also be decayed by set amount (between 0 to 100%).

And finally town needs to be serviced by local tranpost, otherwise it will not grow or will grow very slowly.


The script has two places for GUI feedback.

  • town gui - is updated every few days, at your claimed town window, you can see what amount of required cargos are missing each month. When the cargo is fully delivered, the green OK text is displayed. If some cargo is in storage, the OK text can be there from the start of next month.
  • goal gui - is updated once per month, displays all details about deliveries - how much is delivered/required, how much is stored and some additional growth information

Delivering supplies

To deliver cargo to town, these conditions have to be met

  • town accepts the cargo either in houses or in nearby industry
  • station is in the town local authority range (its name has the town's name in it)

1.4.0 changes

  • Cargo that is in the requirements list will be stored in storage even if it is not required on current population.
  • Funding buildings is enabled.
  • Progress of all companies is displayed every year in Storybook window
  • New growth mechanism added


The script is available via OpenTTD content service under GPLv2 licence for free.