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Why can't I claim a town?

  • You probably built your head-quarters close to a city that is too large. The largest town you can claim must have less than or equal to 250 citizens. If need be, destroy buildings to get within that limit.

How many stations do I need for max growth rate?

  • At least 5 stations visited every 15 days.

What are tourists?

  • Passengers.

How do I bring energy to my town?

  • Bring coal to your local power-plant. It has to bear sign with town name and the sign has to be in valid range from town center, which is ussualy 25 tiles manhattan distance (you can check this with !hint command)

I am delivering coal, but it isn't counted. What is wrong?

  • There are three possibilities:
  1. The station you're delivering to doesn't have the name of your town.
  2. The station sign is not in the city builder acceptance area, which is ussualy 25 tiles form town center.
  3. Your deliveries are counted, but they don't come often enough. There is no coal storage in your town so you have to deliver every month.

What is “Fresh Food” or “Fresh Water”?

  • Foods/Water needs to be delivered at least once every month, people don’t like to eat old stored food.

Can I claim another town?

  • You can always change towns by relocating your headquarters, but you can not claim a second town.

Why does my town still grow even if it says it doesn’t?

  • Growth means extra houses in a month. In the town, houses can still be replaced by big buildings.

Why doesn’t my town grow?

  • You don't meet the towns requirements, try using !town to see which cargoes you are missing or check town or goal GUI

Why doesn’t my town grow even if I fulfill the requirements?

  • Town growth is very low in the beginning, it could even take 250 days or more for a new house.

My town says it's growing, but in fact it just shrunk. What's going on?

  • A building has been torn down by your city council to be replaced by a new one. During the construction period you'll have fewer citizens.

Can I build in an enemy town?

  • The server will not allow you to come even close to harm it.

My town needs diamonds, but does not accept them?

  • Try building a bank in your town, this can be done from the fund industry menu. Banks have to built over existing buildings.

When does this game end?

  • Type !timeleft in chat

When does this game start?

  • Type !timeleft in chat

What is "Business Mail"?

  • Just ordinary mail.

How do I start a quest?

  • Is your presidents name your nickname, and are you logged in? If so, then type !quest in chat.

Why I am only allowed to chat in English?

  • The default language on Citymania servers is English. You may use team chat for other languages.

How long can I have a red balance?

  • There is a maximum of 6 months until you go bankrupt.

Why can't I build a station in my town?

  • Try building a lot of trees in your town. This will improve the towns rating for you. To see this rating click local authority in the town menu.

Can I get the code to run a city builder server of my own?

  • No you can't but you can download a single player version of city builder at the website.

Why is an electric train working on normal rail?

  • On Citymania electric trains are fitted with tesla coils. (It's disabled.)

What is Manhattan distance?

  • The distance between two points in a grid based on a strictly horizontal and/or vertical path (that is, along the grid lines), as opposed to the diagonal or "as the crow flies" distance. The Manhattan distance is the simple sum of the horizontal and vertical components, whereas the diagonal distance might be computed by applying the Pythagorean theorem.

I can not start a company. Why is that?

  • During the last hour of gameplay on a server you cannot start a new company.

How is competition on industries calculated?

  • The amount transported out of an industry is always the best servicing station's rating for a given cargo type. If multiple stations compete for the production of an industry only the 2 highest rated stations will receive cargo. The cargo delivered to each station is based on a ratio of their respective rating against the other station's rating.

How to build Karlsteijn?

  • Info how to build Karlsteijn can be found here