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Level 10: Powering the server

  • Deliver a total of 5 million tonnes of coal on server 1

Not to hard of a quest, however it needs a good setup. Go for this quest in this order:

  1. Try to get a high income from the alreasy positioned industries (prefferably coal) on the map
  2. Setup first 2way route (6x7 station, 2x3 lane) from corner to corner for coal delivery - you will need at least 3 2ways
  3. When enough money, fund coal mines along this route to increase your income
  4. Make a second and third 2way corner to corner coal and fund coal mines there too
  5. Once the lanes are filled and income is high, start setting up close coal deliveries across the map
  6. Fund more close coal deliveries and work your way to the goal


  • If you run out of trains start deleting old non-coal trains. If you already removed all start removing trains slowly, 1 by 1, from the big 2ways
  • When you reach train limit, use vehicles, ships and even planes
  • Don't forget statues

Example Save Powering the Server