Quest:The Godfather

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Level 10: The Godfather

  • Reach a bank balance of 2,5 billion GBP

Keep in mind that to reach 2,5 billion GBP in 25 years gametime you need 100mil income/year on average. There are 2 ways to safely finish this quest.

  1. Play it in tropics on server 1 by using multiple corner-to-corner 2-way wood lines. For best practice you need atleast 3 2-way lines with 75-100 trains per line (preferred double engine renfe's)
  2. Play it on temperate ECS server 2 by using multiple corner-to-corner 2-way coal lines. For best practice you will need 4 2-way lines with 75 trains per line. Keep in mind that ECS works in a way that the industries increase by high station rating, and by delivering vehicles to it.

Both options are viable, the important thing is to increase your yearly income fast in order to make it in time.

Example save The Godfather