Quest:The Perfect Setup

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Level 7: The Perfect Setup

Earn 1 million GBP (account balance) before 1st january next year on ECS quest server

This quest can be done by using airplanes (a bit hard but doable), or by preparing a 2way coal, with a length that will give around 80k per delivery.

Important in ecs:

  1. Stack a good amount of vehicles in each coal
  2. Make sure the coal mines are on max production
  3. When prepared, you will have to reset your company. Do that On 1st December to start directly next year.
  4. When you reset get back asap, if you are fast enough you can save a little bit of the high production it had when you left it
  5. It's possible to make a 2way coal with 2 coal mines, and 1 factory for dropoff, inside each station range (factory accepts coal but doesnt process it)