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Level 10: Town builder

Build a town

  • A cheapest town (small town) costs 4,320,000,000 GBP.
  • Could be also called get 4,320,000,000 GBP account balance
  • You will need very high income during whole game. For 25 years game you would need 173M GBP/year
  • Because of this, you will have to reach even higher income in late years.
  • Possibilities could be tropic with lumber mills, temperate with coal mines
    • Tropic lumber mills - good map is needed. You would need some money to fund lumber mills
    • Temperate coal mines, normal - Coal mines costs 4M GBP to fund. You would spend too much money on funding them, so this will not succeed
    • Temperate coal mines, ECS - less expensive way, ECS coal mine costs 4M GBP, but you would need less of them, also Vehicle factory would be needed which is 1M GBP

Temperate coal mines, ECS

  1. Get some coal mines and start doing two line preferably.
  2. Build 4 double lines 2 ways, corner to corner diagonally. This should bring some 250M GBP per year. Of course supply coal mines with vehicles
  3. Use also planes (passengers) and road vehicles (coal) and ships (coal, oil) to increase income
  4. once you get enough money to build town -> build town in suitable place


  • Try this only in 1985 temperate to get best trains
  • Start immidiatelly after game start
  • Setup your coal lines very quickly. If you don't make it all untill year 10, you will probably fail at the end
  • Use factories to unload, if there is good town spawn