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Citymania Server Rules

Providing happiness, enjoyment and pleasure to the inhabitants of Citymania!

General TTD multiplayer rules

(Adapted from

The multi-player feature of TTD enables you to play against other people from all around the world. In order to have a fun and fair game, there are some simple rules of thumb you can follow. Citymania Servers has a Centralised Authentication feature running. This will allow people breaking any of the established rules to be banned from ALL SERVERS.

The following rules apply to each of Citymania Servers.

  1. Don't intentionally block access to industries, large areas of the map or areas that another player is building in. If you find another player is building where you wanted to create tracks or roads of your own do not try to hinder their build progress, but build around, over or under it. If they have built it in such a way that this is not possible, and changing it would not be unreasonably expensive, you can politely request that they make a modification. Also massive land buying is on most servers considered not wanted. Buying exclusive transport rights in an town in which you do not have any stakes also counts as blocking access to industries and is also frowned upon.
  2. Don't deliberately sabotage your opponents vehicles. In TTD this amounts to deliberately building level crossings where your opponents are running road vehicles and attempting to destroy them with trains. Aside from being unpleasant it will damage your own ratings if you have stations nearby. Another way of sabotage is parking road vehicles in roads that are being used by other companies for the sole purpose of blocking their vehicles.
  3. Don't cheat to advance yourself within the game. Joining an company operated by someone else or starting another company to transfer money to your own company is unacceptable behaviour, unless the originally owning player made it clear that he or she is leaving the game, has no intentions to return and offers themselves or their resources to anyone else who wants them. If you discover an exploit which creates wealth, gives an unfair advantage against other players or prevents the normal operation of the game server report it to the TTD developers so the vulnerability can be closed. Don't abuse bugs or exploits because this only harms TTD gameplay and destroys the gameplay of other people.
  4. Be nice at chatting. When using the chat system avoid the use of inappropriately gruesome or hideous subjects; remarks which are sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive or excessively obscene vulgar language. Also do not discuss the use or practice of any illegal activity or provide links to sites that contain any of the aforementioned. Remember that TTD games are played by people of all ages.
  5. Always follow the rules set down by the server owner. These may include no "industry stealing" where one player starts a more competitive route than another. This probably varies on an per server basis so if and when an server administrator or operator requests you to stop your current activities because they do not follow the server's guidelines then do so because excessive rule breaking may result in a ban which might prevent you to play on any of the official and non official TTD servers.
  6. Don't take revenge. If other people buy all land around your stations or cut you off with rails, road or with the buy land tools do not get "revenge" by blocking their stations or any of the above. This makes you one of them and the server administrators or operators may not be able to differentiate between who started it and may decide to warn, kick or ban both you and the other player who originally started it. Also do not take revenge when someone starts competing with you on a resource. Please read the notes at the end of the rules for details.

By not following these rules you will at best annoy other players. On the Citymania Servers you will find yourself being kicked out or even banned quickly. There is little patience with people who don't follow these rules of common decency.

Knowing the stations

Each station has a catchment area – the area from within which it gets its resources. Each station type has a different size catchment area, measured in numbers of blocks from the edge of the station. The size of the catchment area is different for different types of stations. Below are the most popular stations in Citymania. The number in parenthesis is the size of the relevant catchment area. In the Citymania servers, the maximum size within which one can build station buildings, is 7 x 7 blocks per station.

Bus station
Bus station (3)
Note: All road-vehicle stations have a catchment area of 3.
Train Station
Train Station (4)

Small Airport
Small Airport (4)
Note: With the size of the airport, the catchment area increases.
Dock (5)

The catchment area of an asymmetrical station will look something like this:

An Asymmetrical station

An asymmetrical station with truck and train station part.

When a spread / asymmetrical station is made of both a train and a truck station part like in the image above, the catchment area around the complete station is 4 blocks, even at parts which are only covered by the truck station. The area shown in the image in dark blue, is for both picking up, and delivery. The station shown thus picks up coal. The catchment area indicated in light blue, is only for accepting resources. The station shown, only accepts wood, but not pick up the resulting goods.

Generally: The complete catchment area expansion around a combined station is equal to the biggest catchment area size of a used station type.


  • catchment area around whole combined truck(3) / train(4) station: 4 blocks
  • catchment area around whole combined truck(3) / ship(5) station: 5 blocks

See also: Enlarge catchment area on Advanced Tricks

Rule #1

Quest games: No competition, first station, first served! Maximum of 1 unused station

This rule is only for quest servers, which are servers used to complete quests or free playing. Competition is not allowed on these servers on any type of industry. The player who first builds a station near a resource or factory earns the exclusive use of it. This rule only applies to industries (primary and secondary) and excludes passengers and mail (e.g. cities). You are not allowed to have more than one unused station on these servers.

One unused station.

One unused station

Allowed: One station used, one station unused to reserve the resource for later use.

Two unused stations.

Two unused stations

Prohibited: Two unused stations reserving more than one resource.

Competition in the city

Correct competition in a city

Allowed: Competition for passengers between two companies is acceptable on all servers, as long as players leave space for others to enter the city, and build stations in or near it. Full-loading vehicles are not allowed to block other players' vehicles, and if they do, the full-load order will have to be removed.

Illegal competition

Illegal competition on Quest server.

Prohibited: Players competing for the same resource(s) is not tolerated in quest games. Resources are reserved on a first-come first-serve basis – the last player there will be told to remove his station, or face the consequences. This is valid for any kind of industry on Quest server. Guideline: It's a game! Keep it fun! Don't go to war, nor go for revenge.

Rule #2

Other servers: Competition allowed! No competition with yourself.

The other Citymania Servers (thus excluding Quest servers) are goal servers, and on these servers competition with other players is allowed, but on primary industries only (that is industries only producing resources). Meanwhile, competition with yourself is not allowed on any server, which means that each company is only allowed to have one loading station per industry (resource). Players are allowed to use many different unload stations, as long as this does not completely block other players' access to the industry. Cargo that is loaded must be transported to somewhere where it is accepted, but this can be done through several transfers. Passengers and mail are excluded from this rule; competition is allowed, even competition with yourself.

Competition with yourself in a city

Competition with yourself in a city.

Allowed: Stations with overlapping catchment areas in cities is allowed; competition with yourself is only allowed for passengers and mail! Guideline: When building in or around cities that you haven't claimed, leave space for other players build in the city!

Legal competition

Legal competition.

Allowed: Competition for the same resources is allowed on all Citymania servers, other Quest servers. Guideline: when building, leave space for others.

Competition with yourself

Competition with yourself part 1.

Prohibited: One of the two farms is covered by both stations of the same company.

Competition with yourself

Competition with yourself part 2.

Prohibited: The catchment area of the train station covers both coal mines and the oil well. There are now two stations of the same company servicing the same coal mine(s), and this is not allowed.

Correctly building two stations on a farm

Correctly building two stations on one farm.

Allowed: In temperate and Arctic, farms produce livestock and grain. As long as you strictly separate the loading of these resources, you are allowed to have two loading stations for one farm.

Incorrect competition with yourself

Incorrect competition with yourself on a farm.

Prohibited: Loading both resources at both stations is considered competition with yourself.

Bad competition

Bad competition.

Prohibited: Taking cargo for the sake of it is prohibited. If you take cargo it must ultimately be transported to somewhere it is accepted or will be in the near future. (If a city is growing, it won't accept things right away.) If you transfer cargo to a station which does not accept it, you must have another route which takes that cargo onto somewhere which DOES accept it (possibly via further transfers) or be in the process of building such a route. The only exception to this is on City Builder where you may take cargo to any station in your town even if it does not (yet) accept the cargo.

Rule #3

Only use english in general chat. No cursing, swearing or insulting!

  1. Use only English in general chat. If you want to talk in other languages use Team Chat or Private Chat.
  2. Do not curse, swear or use any bad language in general chat. If you need to relieve some pressure, you can swear loud in private of your room, do not write it in chat.
  3. Direct insults of other players lead to direct ban

Rule #4

No blocking, no rating pushing, town growing only in claimed town

No blocking – you're not allowed to block other players in any way. This includes building immobile objects so that other players can not expand or extend their network, or full loading vehicles in drive-through stations so that competitors' vehicles have to wait indefinitely.

Blocking with a train

Jamming traffic with a stopped train.

Prohibited: Any blocking similar to this will be punished with a life long ban without warning.

Many different forms of conscious and bad blocking.

Very bad blocking.

Prohibited: You're not allowed to intentionally build immobile objects so that others can't expand their network. In this case, the blue player will be instantly banned.

Building a train station in the middle of town is also blocking.

Blocking other's access to a town.

Prohibited: In this way, other players can not use the town roads anymore; ergo, this construction is blocking other player's access to a town, and is thus not allowed.

Closest you can build to a town

The closest you can build a train station to a town.

Guide: As you are not allowed to remove city roads to build a train station, in this example the red line is the closest one is allowed to build a train station to the town. Anything closer is considered removing too many road-blocks. On city roads you are only allowed to build drive-through road-vehicle stations - and you're not allowed to full load your vehicles there!

Jamming traffic

Jamming traffic.

Prohibited: You are not allowed to full load trucks and/or buses on a drive-through station that is part of a public road (built by the server) or a road built by others. You are allowed to full load trucks on drive through stations on roads that you build yourself outside neutral cities. However, there an not be so many trucks that your queue blocks other player's trucks or buses on public roads. You are also not allowed to turn public roads into one-way streets, especially if this traps competitors' vehicles. On roads that you build yourself, that are clearly outside neutral cities, you are allowed to do as you please. Guideline: You need to leave space for others, and other players' vehicles.

No rating pushing – You're not allowed to have one (or more) vehicle(s) visit only one station, to artificially increase the rating at your station.

Rating pushing

Rating pushing.

Prohibited: You are not allowed to have a vehicle visit the same station over and over again to push your rating of that station up, thus get more resources assigned in case of competition, and reducing the chance of an industry's production to be cut. All vehicles have to transport something at least from A to B – passengers and mail are included in this rule!

Blocking other's access to a town

Blocking other's access to a town.

Prohibited: All roads are filled with stops so that nobody else can build stops in this town. You're allowed to increase the station's catchment area using station spread, but build as few stops as possible, to maximize the catchment area. Guideline: leave space for others!

Town growing only in claimed town – You're not allowed to build any roads that you're not using in any towns, other than the town you've claimed in the City-Builder servers. In said City-Builder servers, you're also not allowed to build loads of stations in a city that you didn't claim.

City-building in your own city

Growing your own town.

Allowed: Whatever you want to do with the roads in your own town – the town you claimed in the city-builder servers – you're allowed to do. But only in that town! No one else can build in your town, so you don't need to leave space for others.

City-building another city

Growing another town.

You are only allowed to build roads in and around a town that you have claimed. In this case, the roads with a red overlay are prohibited. Roads with a green overlay are allowed and the black roads are town owned. Guideline: Leave space for others to approach the town with trains if they wish to do so. Don't build unused roads anywhere, except in your claimed city. On non-citybuilder servers, this means you can't build any unused roads. Guideline: Leave space for others to approach the city; it's best to follow the rule of thumb that the road you build, intersects again with the neutral city's roads after one turn.

Rule #5

No land reserving, don't make routes longer by abuse of station spread, funded = private

No land reserving – You're allowed to minimally reserve land for later use – a maximum of 14 blocks that you are obviously going to use later. Any more land reserving than this is considered blocking, and will not be tolerated. Land reserving can be done by buying the land, or building unused tracks and/or roads so that competitors can not use that area. Note: This rule does not apply inside your own claimed town on the city-builder servers, where you can reserve as much land as you so desire. Outside that town, it applies!

Proper land reserving

Correct land reserving.

Allowed: You're allowed to reserve up to 14 blocks that you're obviously going to use in the future.

Improper land reserving

Incorrect land reserving.

Prohibited: This kind of land reserving – buying land or building tracks or roads so that others can not get close to 'your' industry is not allowed. Any land reserving that is over 14 blocks is considered a blocking attempt.

Spread station rules is not active on Citymania servers and is here just for information

Don't make routes longer by abuse of station spread – a-symmetrical stations are allowed, as long as the loading and unloading of goods happens under, or as close as possible to the station sign. This is because cargo-payment rates are calculated between the station signs.

Proper use of station spread

Proper use of station spread.

Allowed: As long as all loading and unloading happens under the station sign, you're allowed to use station spread.

Incorrect use of station spread

Incorrect use of station spread.

Prohibited: Oil is not being loaded under the station sign, and thus this station spread is illegal.

Imroper use of station spread

Incorrect use of station spread.

Prohibited: While technically illegal, this station spread when transferring goods is generally tolerated by moderators, unless it is obviously abused to gain distance. If a moderator tells you to fix it, do so.

Funded = private – If a player funds a industry, this player earns the exclusive transportation rights to it, on each and every server. A sign will appear over the industry saying Owned by: company name Banks will not receive the sign 'Owned by...' nor create a warning in chat where the player shouts 'mine!'. If you fund a bank in another city, anyone can use it. The same goes for power stations.

Funded = Private

Funded is private.

Allowed: Industries funded by a player, can only be serviced by the player that funded them, with the exception of banks.

Competition on funded resources

Illegal competition on funded resources.

Prohibited: Industries funded by a player, can only be serviced by the player that funded them. The blue player is out of line here and will have to remove his station.


Other in-game guidelines and some server management information

  • English is the only language tolerated in the public chat on the Citymania servers. All servers show chats from all other servers. Swearing and other verbal abuse is not allowed and will not be tolerated. You are free to chat in any language you choose when using Team chat (standard short-cut is CTRL+Enter) or private chats.
  • Read the chat; it is your responsibility to read what is being said in the public chat. If you don't respond, and are breaking the rules, the usual procedure for moderators is to kick you first. If you are not near your computer, your company will be reset. This is your fault.
  • NA Player is the nickname of players who try to come in-game with a nickname that is registered on the website, yet the server fails to recognise them. If you don't log in in-game, experience points won't be counted! Login typing in chat !login <nickname> <password> where the password is what you registered on the website. If you haven't registered, choose a different nickname, and type in the chat !name <new_nickname>. People playing under the nickname 'NA Player' will be kicked/banned without warning.
  • Players are allowed to play, but it is encouraged to change your nickname so you can be identified easier. People playing under the nickname 'Player' will be kicked/banned without warning.
  • ALL CAPITAL nicknames are discouraged. Please only capitalize the first letter - or at most some of the letters.
  • Any other nicknames have to be non-offensive in any language, yet consist of only characters in the English alphabet, or numbers. Nicknames consisting of single characters, or only spaces, or combinations of signs (&**#&$) need to be changed. Also nicknames which represent webadresses, email adresses or ip's will not be tolerated. All of these can result in an instant ban, but usually moderators on duty will warn you first.
  • Station walking is not allowed. In very rare occasions it may be tolerated, but it has to be discussed with a moderator or administrator before construction.
  • In City Builder games, the cargo needed for your town has to be delivered to the town you claimed, using the allowed and available station spread. If in doubt, discuss with a moderator or administrator before constructing something that appears to be in violation of this guideline.
  • Leave space for other players if you can, so they can approach cities or industries unhindered. When building, please be polite to your competitors; leave space for extra tracks and/or roads whenever possible.
  • Competition is allowed in Goal games. However, this competition is only allowed if it is clearly for the benefit of your goal - building a bigger city, or reaching the goal. If you are competing clearly to sabotage your opponents, your company might be reseted. This includes running an irrational amount of vehicles in a town.
  • !admin is like calling 911 in the USA. Some moderators have their computers set up so that it should wake them up when someone calls !admin. Do not do it for fun. Do not do it to ask for someone to reset your company, or to ask why your city isn't growing. Use it in case someone is seriously breaking the rules - hampering your progress. If you call !admin for fun, administrators and mods may start hitting kick, reset or ban buttons for fun.
  • Coop (cooperation, helping each other) is allowed, but only if you do so within the same company. You are not allowed to set up a new company to assist another player in supplying his town. When this is obviously the case, the assisting company will be reset - the assisted company will be allowed to continue, but will be under close scrutiny. Any (other) minor rule-break by that company will result in also that company to be reset.
  • Play Fair at all times. Do not claim towns in order to block other people's moves. If you fund an industry close to a competitor's station, this industry is no longer yours and competition is allowed - and you are probably out. If you are found to play unfairly, you get an instant 7 day ban without warning.