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Citymania OpenTTD Servers

What makes Citymania unique

  • Citymania runs heavily server's side patch which enables quantity of features that are not possible in any other way so far
  • Scheluded servers - Every server has exact time when it starts and ends. See Timetable.
  • Quests - You can try to achieve one of many quests escalating from very easy to really hard ones

Citymania features


Whole rules are on the website. For detailed description see Rules on wiki (these are not currently up to date) Rules to know:

  • No competition on quest servers and no competition on secondary industies on any server
  • No swearing and cursing in chat

What is allowed:

  • Station spread and not adjacent parts of one station are allowed


  • Town layout is 2x2 on City builder servers and Better roads on other servers
  • Multiple industries per town is enabled on all but Goal server (Citymania III)
  • Industries can be built anywhere
  • Airplanes speed is 1/4 or 1/3
  • No breakdowns
  • No company shares buying
  • No money sending
  • Fund road construction is disabled


We use several NewGRF to improve gameplay

  • LLbasecost - changes cost of things (depends on server type)
    • Road vehicles are cheaper
    • Airplanes and trains have higher running costs
    • and more
  • PCBserver - Influences many things.
    • Road vehicles are available sooner
    • Primary industries spawn more often
    • Secondary industries spawn only one per town while it is still possible to build more manually
    • Industries have placement restrictions like bigger distance from towns
    • Lumber mills do not cut trees
    • and more
  • LLtrainset - Extends trainset with few more trains
    • ICE3 and TGV for temperate
    • Two RENFE trains for arctic/tropic
  • FIRS - FIRS industry replacement set for FIRS City builder
  • ECS - ECS industry set for ECS City builder and quest server